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Sleep Stats - You Are Not Alone

Sleep Stats - You Are Not Alone

Sleep Stats


Thanks for following along with XanFree this year as we continue to try to spread awareness and help those who may currently be struggling right now. As we continue to dive deeper into anxiety, stress, and other topics, we feel it is important to explain why this is such an issue and why people should care.

Sleep Numbers

Every time we sleep, we go through similar experiences studies have shown that:

  • People experience 4 to 6 sleep cycles
  • We spend about 2 hours per night dreaming on average
  • While we sleep, our body temperature drops 1-2 degrees Fahrenheit

Some of this information isn't well known to everyone so hopefully, it helps to educate people.

Insufficient Sleep

On the other hand, many also experience a lack of the proper amount of sleep. These same studies have found that:

  1. About half of Americans feel sleepy during the day on average between 3-7 days each week
  2. 35.2% of all American Adults report sleeping less than 7 hours per night on average
  3. 42.6% of single parents in the US sleep on average less than 7 hours per night

A majority of those in the United States are affected by lack of sleep.

XanFree wants to bring attention to these problems. XanFree's goal is to gather more attention to these types of issues and try to help those who are currently struggling with these issues.

Stay Tuned

These stats on sleep that have been discussed here can be eye-opening to many even those who are struggling with these issues. You can find more stats available here and here.

Check back in tomorrow, 1/7/22 to watch our recap video for this week. It will cover the stats that we discussed about anxiety, stress and sleep.

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