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Ear Piercing for anxiety

Can an Ear Piercing be Useful for Anxiety?

The ear alone has many pressure points that can be used to alleviate many problems. Pressure points can be used...

compression cloths for anxiety

Compression Clothing for Anxiety - Is it Helpful?

There are several reasons people use compression clothing. For instance, both men and women use tight-fitting clothing to shape their...

Inhaler for anxiety

Can Inhalers Help With Anxiety?

Inhalers can be lifesaving for those who are having an asthma attack. They can improve breathing and allow more oxygen...

Does Lavender Help with Anxiety?

Does Lavender Help with Anxiety?

Lavender is one such plant that has reappeared in clinical settings. This plant is especially popular in aromatherapy, which uses...

Can Sex Help with Anxiety?

Can Sex Help with Anxiety?

To understand whether or not sex can help with anxiety, it’s important to understand how sex affects us on a...

Does Crying Help with Anxiety?

Does Crying Help with Anxiety?

People cry more than you may think (even if they hide it). In the United States, estimates and polls suggest...